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Winter of Wellness 2017

Winter of Wellness 2017

Supercharge Your Whole Being

Body, Mind & Soul Online Course

With Winter of Wellness

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 | 9:00AM – 10:00PM

Top experts in their fields will share today’s leading science & practices for:

*Eating for a thriving body, community & planet
*Mindfulness & heart-centered living
*Applying essential energy medicine principles & techniques
*Healing with medicinal plants & herbal pharmacology
*Enhancing your mind, mood & memory
*Unlocking your body’s innate intelligence & healing potential
*Integrating ancient wisdom & modern science for optimal health
*Treating chronic illness, pain & fatigue

You’ll discover the exact insights, tools and resources to inspire and empower you to take control of your health – as well as support the well being of those closest to you.


How to significantly extend your lifespan & decrease risk of illness … deliciously!

Medicinal plants for cooling inflammation, nourishing your blood & improving digestion

Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth recipes for optimal fat burning if a raw, plant-based, vegan food lifestyle is right for you
How to heal your gut and gut-related chronic health issues the relationship between insulin resistance & autoimmune disease

How to break free from emotional eating


How to end heart disease . . . naturally
Practices for integrating ancient wisdom & modern science
The power of a vision quest to transform your body & your emotions
Forgiveness as a path to releasing trauma & breaking down “Heart Walls”
How to dissolve a sense of separation from nature & spirit
The art of human connection
How to break the grip of toxic emotions


Mindfulness Meditations& exercises
How you can live pain free . . . without medication
Natural remedies for your mind, mood & memory
Alternative approaches for treating anxiety & depression
Innovative ways to reduce stress
How to get a good night’s sleep with proper adrenal support
Mind-Body medicine and essential practices for optimizing your brain


How to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal
Cutting-edge science on autoimmunity and inflammation
The power of Qigong to heal mentally & physically
A shift in quantum & traditional healing through the energy codes

Practices for eliminating chronic pain & fatigue
How to impact your biology and prevent disease through working with your chronotypes & epigenetics
The integral role of energy medicine in treating illness & staying healthy

Winter of Wellness: Supercharge your WHOLE being… Body, Mind & Soul

Winter of Wellness

Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

☾Diana◈Carolina☽ ऊँ Publisher ❂ Bliss ∞ Consciousness 🕉 Wellness ☼ Love ☮ Namasté☥☪☄☮☯☸☽∞ ↞☾Joy is my highest purpose ☽↠ WWW.GYPSETMAGAZINE.COM

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