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The time has come: Envision Festival 2020 - Gypset Magazine

The time has come: Envision Festival 2020


The Envision 2020 Music Lineup holds the tradition of featuring prominent Latin American music throughout the lineup. The 10th Anniversary Edition of Envision’s Latin American Showcase is set to feature cultural icons and breakout acts from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. From Costa Rica, legends like Sonámbulo and Un Rojo will grace the stage, in addition to emerging names like Melissa OFaceblind and Bunny Wabbit, who are all back representing the brightest stars from top nightlife venues of the country. Also topping the Latin bill, the citar rocking champions Santos y Zurdo bring a truly exceptional flare. Plus, monster Latin talent Matanza is returning with a DJ set serving up his own signature brand of minimal funk, while Chancha Via Circuito is back tapping into folk-inspired instrumentals with rhythms rooted in cultures of Peru, Mexico and Columbia. For those who like it with spiced like the city, the Venezuelan sorcerer of sizzle Eduardo Castillo and Argentinian maestro of sexy soul El Papachango are both arriving to introduce fresh, fun and incredibly unique sounds all the way from Los Angeles.

Of the spread of Latin Music, setting the table at Envision 2020 the Latin Music Curator, Luigi Jimenez said: “Each year, we go to great lengths to celebrate the truly remarkable talents among music producers and bands from Latin America. These artists were all selected for the ways they incorporate familiarity, while also delivering something totally new. They are also the foremost trendsetters in Latin Music today, so we’re proud to show Costa Rica and the world what they can do when they join us for Envision Festival 2020.“

Accompanied by genre-defying talent from all over Latin America and an extended event that now includes a full 7-days at the festival, those who participate are able to revel in almost twice the depth of experience as in prior years. There’s a whole lot more music to enjoy too. Set in a true jungle by a beach, Envision delivers music from the Sol, Luna and Lapa stages. Each stage is built entirely of nearby bits procured from the jungle to suit a distinct personality, flair, and style of music.

Following a previous announcement of Rufus Du SolTipperCloZeeNahko and Medicine for the People, Envision Festival’s most anticipated talent are slated to be joined by more of the top shelf music acts locals and international travelers have come to expect over the last decade in Costa Rica. International virtuosos like Be Svendsen, Manfly, Goldcap and more descend onto the festival as if from the Mount Olympus of house music. Celebrity weird enthusiasts are also expected to turn heads. For instance, Antennae plans to show up with a hearty medicine set. Stylust will offer hip-hop infused breaks with a hefty double dose of head-scratching hooks. Govinda and Soohan are also showing up to catapult the bass experience at the festival into the upper stratosphere. Then, back for his 10th sunrise set at the festival is the legendary Random Rab. Rounding out the toplines, enrapturing vibe conductors like AtyYa, Lazy Syrup Orchestra, Dragonfly, Dirtwire, and Emancipator will channel atmospheric bliss, while fresh off Griz’s Ride Waves Tour the Funk Hunters will be cooking up new music as well as the same sunny salacious grooves that led to their meteoric rise in the United States.

By Maddy Crandall | Envision Festival

Author: Gypset Magazine

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