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The Essence Of Mitre

The Essence Of Mitre.

You know that feeling when you go to the movies and find yourself immerse in the story and not only do you become part of saga but realize you have always been more than just an spectator? Well, yes, as cliche as it sounds that was exactly what happened to me last Wednesday night at the BMI showcase and Album release of Mitre at the Gibson Espanol in Beverly Hills Ca. His lyrics have been written for everyone to call their own. I had to talk to him, and a few days later I did just that,  lets move to the Q and A, but, before I forget there is a show coming up on January 23rd 2015  details coming soon on his FB page.

Mitre is an intriguing name, what does it mean or come from?

It’s my last name but since I can recall everyone called me Mitre, so I did a little research of the name and found different meanings in different cultures and all with a spiritual essence. For example in Tibet Mitre means friend, for the ancient tribes of northern Europe Mitre was the god of the Sun and the one who will make the final judgment. In Latin the word Mitre comes from Mithra which means spiritual crown.

Photos Courtesy of Mitre for Gypset Magazine

Photos Courtesy of Mitre for Gypset Magazine

Just as your name your music is different and very interesting, once the music starts playing the spectator travels back in time or to the future, but the feeling of going somewhere is there… how do you define your style and genre?

You know, I’ve never believed in musical genres. I think music is music, and the rules should give us tools and not be a creative cage, and you are right I love old music and try to rescue old boleros, tango and mariachi, also electronic atmospheres, I really love to travel in time and space with music, that is the magic of it!
If you would introduce yourself to anyone that does not know you yet, which song would be your card of presentation and why?

In this moment I think Depredador feat Jaime Kohen or Lloro feat Pambo, those are the ones from this album that are on the web, and this album represents me.

Photos Courtesy of Mitre for Gypset Magazine

Photos Courtesy of Mitre for Gypset Magazine

Collaborations seem to be important to you, who have you worked with in the past  and who would you like to in the near future?

For me collaboration in music is one of the most wonderful things. In this album I have David Garza, Jaime Kohen, Yuri Lemeshev from Gogol Bordello, Pambo, Ximena Muñoz, Margaret Cho, Gaby de K, Christina Gurrola, Manuel Calderon, Irene Diaz and Iñaki from Moderatto.

And I keep open to keep collaborating with artists that will cross my path, there is always new music to listen to, that is the beauty.
To find out more and see  and hear Mitre’s music and videos check out the links below.

twitter: @mitremx
instagram: mitremusic



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