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Spring Fashion Tips by Latina Celebrity Men’s Fashion Stylist Irma Martinez

Spring Fashion Tips by Latina Celebrity Men’s Fashion Stylist Irma Martinez

Spring is officially here, and with it a refreshing change of style and looks! Latinas are always a la moda, but how do we make sure the men in your life are making a good transition to spring style. They may be keeping up with the trends but it your job to make sure he is looking good while expressing himself.

Latina Celebrity Men’s Fashion Stylist Irma Martinez created a series of trendy head to toe looks inspired by the latest AXE Advance Collection line to you help your men “Find Their Magic”

“As a fashion stylist, I focus on my client’s “style DNA” to showcase their personal style and make them the most authentic version of themselves.” said Irma Martinez, celebrity fashion stylist and AXE spokesperson. “It’s very exciting to work with a brand like AXE and their new Advanced Collection, designed to help guys express their individuality so they can look, feel and be their best self.”

Irma Martinez

Latina Celebrity Men’s Fashion Stylist Irma Martinez


Athleisure Chic

A perfect trend for those who won’t give up the comfort that sporty pieces offer and have incorporated them into their outfits, creating very cool, relaxed looks.

  • It’s Hollywood stars daily go-to look and as such, it has been highly displayed by the paparazzi.
  • Hoodies, henleys, and designer sneakers are some of the basic pieces, and Vetement, Aspesi and YEEZY are some of the favorite brands to recreate this trend.
  • This type of look is usually preferred by active, more on-the-go guys, so to complete the look I recommend using grooming products with a fresh scent to them. The AXE Adrenaline collection, for example, has a sharp, icy fresh fragrance to kick-start your day, with iced musk and spicy ginger scents. The AXE Adrenaline Antiperspirant Stick offers a 48hr protection and a fragrance release technology to give a new burst of freshness every time you’re on the go.

Rock Chic

This trend is ideal for guys who want to look chic and casual at the same time. They are metropolitan guys that like the urban look, but you will find them first at a night club than at a food truck!

  • Trendy & Fun, a leather jacket is the iconic piece that holds this look together. You can use it with t-shirts, button shirts, sweaters, or even a combination of these pieces.
  • Jeans and t-shirts continue to be the perfect go-to for this trend. Just remember that for a cool, more edgy look, you can wear the leather jacket, or if you want to make the outfit more formal, you can use a blazer instead.
  • I recommend using vintage or vintage-inspired accessories to complete the look. A distressed belt, Wayfarer sunglasses or a vintage Rolex are my favorite accessories.
  • Guys looking for this head-to-toe look have very active social lives and need products that will keep up with them at all times. That’s why I recommend finishing their look with AXE Urban products, like the AXE Urban Antiperspirant (either on Dry Spray or Stick) with a new anti-odor technology which provides AXE’s highest level of odor protection to keep you protected. The Urban line also gives you an edge with a modern and exotic scent with combination of Shisha tobacco notes.


This trend is made for guys who want to stand out!

  • For them, minimalism is overrated and boring. While they follow the classic style when it comes to their head to toe look, they love to combine their outfits with retro pieces to mix it up.
  • They choose strong, bright colors and accessories are part of their trademark and personality.
  • Jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, lapel pins and cufflinks are the perfect complement for their look. Scarfs and pocket squares are also some of their favorite accessories, as well as vintage bags.
  • For this guy, who is sophisticated and has a great sense of style, I recommend grooming products like the AXE Signature line to finish their look. The AXE Signature antiperspirants help keep their clothes free of white marks and yellow stains and offer four different classic scents to keep this guy looking and feeling sharp.

Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

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