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Ready Never with Kisnki Gallo and Music Of Mars "Rumba with Cumbia and EDM"

Ready Never with Kisnki Gallo and Music Of Mars “Rumba with Cumbia and EDM”

Ready Never is a new band from Los Angeles, California that combines several sub genres to create a very fun Indie Alternative Pop Rock Electro Jam sound. As the band continues to write and record pop songs infused with various forms of electronica, rock, funk, house, and indie sounds; they also share their love for instrumental jams and crescendo interludes within the live setting.

Ready Never uses DJ equipment and foot pedals to trigger sequences and build upon beats and rhythms developed all the while Fernando Jaramillo rocks the live drums and Benny Ed leads on vocals and bass guitar. Guest musicians continue to join the live experience

Ready Never

Ready Never

The debut album, “Eleutherophobia”, was released January of 2014 and is available on iTunes. It is full of electro-pop anthems about today’s “A.D.D” culture and the luxurious pitfalls of modern living. The album opens with the synth- hook from “Assistant Press Play”, with lyrics that ask us to imagine life if we had an assistant. In the second track, the hipster carousal pop that is “Casualties” reminds us all that there is a price to pay for living a life of distractions. The aforementioned “Take that Pill” is a sarcastic ode to our pill popping society; a cultural observation of the growing obsession our world has with pharmaceuticals and how so many people seemingly self-medicate through life. “My Eye Know Might” pokes fun at the almost-religious fervor our culture has for technology, and smart phones in particular. The title track, “Eleutherophobia” is an instrumental trance groove that perfectly represents the kind of improvised funk that can be heard during Ready Never jam sessions. The album was written by Benny Ed and Rudi Meibergen.

Ready Never has already performed at festivals in California, Colorado, and Argentina. In 2015, Ready Never has plans for a new album and appearances at various festivals and events. Their next show is at Los Globos in Silver Lake Ca on June 24th. For more info go to


Ready Never  Kinski Gallo  M.O.M Music of Mars Show at Los Globos

Ready Never Kinski Gallo M.O.M Music of Mars Show at Los Globos



Kinski Gallo

KinskiGallo, the former front man of Epic-signed, bi-lingual rock band, Monte Negro, is back on the scene after a 2 year hiatus with a fresh, new sound in Latin electro-pop.

Collaborating with Grammy Award- winning producer and programmer, Juan Covarrubias ( Danny Yankee, Robbie Draco), Kinski Gallo has meticulously crafted a new hight-energy sound, pairing his signature lyrical with innovated beats.

Gallo is a seasoned veteran of the international music scene. When touring with his rock band, Monte Negro, he shared the stage with a variety of mega-acts ranging from Gwen Stefani and Nine Inch Nails to Café Tacvba, Zoe and Enanitos Verdes

Kinski Gallo

Kinski Gallo

With his solo project, Kinski Galle blends various Latin beats and infuses them with the newest, freshest sounds, paying homage to his defining influences which include cumbia, salsa, reggaetone, electronic and pop.

Already gaining traction, the first single, CUMBIA DEL CORAZON , is one of the most popular songs on the FIFA 15 video game soundtrack, having over 400,000 combined YouTube views to date.

Music: h6p://

Videos: h6p://

Paisatronica Tropicalica Mysticalica

Music Selector/Dj

M.O.M Music Of Mars

M.O.M is an Electronic Music & DJ duo from Los Angeles comprised of award winning musicians/producers Krommo and Wolfgang X.
Krommo (aka Kinski Gallo) is the former frontman of the Epic-signed rock band, Monte Negro. He is a singer, songwriter and visual arLst. “Cumbia del Corazon”, a track from his solo project, Kinski Gallo, is one of the most popular songs on the FIFA 15 video game soundtrack (over 400,000 combined views on YouTube to date).

Music Of Mars

Music Of Mars

Wolfgang X (aka Juan Covarrubias) is a musician, producer and programmer whose many distinguished credits include Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards winning and nominated projects such as: “Vida” ( Robi Draco, Daddy Yankee, “ El Abayarde Contraataca” ( Tego Calderon), “En Lo Claro” (Julio Voltio), and “Palosanto” ( Enrique Bunbury). Juan also composes for TV and Film

M.O.M Sample Track
UX: hap://

EDM, Progressive House, Progressive Trance.


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