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Orlando Duque the Colombian Cliff Diver

Orlando Duque the Colombian Cliff Diver



Orlando Duque | Photo Credit: Romina Amato

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, we want to share the story of Colombian cliff diver, Orlando Duque, who turned his passion into a profession. Duque currently lives in Hawaii and continues to compete globally. Below he shares what drives him, how he got started down this path, and what it took to become one of the world’s best cliff divers.

Having won 11 world titles, how does it feel to represent the Hispanic community in your profession? It’s a great honor! Diving is a sport dominated by other countries and to represent and win titles on behalf of the Hispanic community shows our diversity and ability to excel in just about anything

How has your Hispanic heritage helped you become the athlete and person that you are today? It has to do with my family’s hard work ethic that is very embedded in our culture. Since I was young I learned that I had to work hard to achieve what I wanted and that nothing was going to be handed to me.  I apply this mindset to my training program and it keeps me motivated

Do you consider yourself a role model for young Hispanics? Yes, at least in my native Colombia. I had the opportunity to meet with a lot of young people there and they always share how inspiring my career has been to them. I think it’s important for every community to have role models that serve as examples for young people

What’s one piece of advice you could share with the next generation of Hispanics? Work hard, results don’t come from taking the easy road. If you dream of accomplishing big things, then you should know it’s going to be a bumpy road

How does Red Bull give you wings in cliff diving? Red Bull has given me wings from the beginning. We had a dream together and now we have a full World Series for cliff diving. Personally Red Bull helps me with mental acuity by making the connection between my body and my mind during the short time I spend in the air. Everything happens very fast and I have to make sure I make the right decisions

Do you have any upcoming competitions that you are training for? I am training for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Spain on September 26th (which can be viewed live on


Author: Gypset Magazine

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