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Nail Lacquer with a Purpose: Don’t Just Wear A Colour, Wear A Cause!

Nail Lacquer with a Purpose: Don’t Just Wear A Colour, Wear A Cause!


Upcoming brands must find a way to be different, to stand for something, to demand lasting attention in this over saturated market. Let’s face it, how many times do you actually look at the brand of nail colour when you are shopping? Does it matter to you? Brand loyalty is hardly something we are accustomed to. Just pick a colour you are drawn to and move on to the next exciting product that sparks your interest. Until now! Colour Gossip Nails is redefining the world of nail lacquer. They are taking a step back and getting us to think before we act. They inspire us to have a purpose with our buying decisions, encourage us to be health conscious and to gossip about something that will make an impact in the world.


Colour Gossip Nails prides themselves in their wide range of charities that they partner with. I love that each colour ties back to a different charity that is unique to that colour. This allows us to put a connection from that charity to the colour of polish we are promoting! We are also giving back and supporting those organizations! Not only is Colour Gossip focused on the charities that they give to, they are equally as passionate about providing products that are free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene. Their high-quality lacquers are also chip resistant and quick drying with high shine appeal that requires no top coat. Who could not resist!


Let’s take a “behind the scenes” look into how this brand got started!

What inspired you to create Colour Gossip Nails?
CG: Colour Gossip is inspired by constant change. In life change is inevitable whether it’s in health, family, fashion or beauty one thing is for certain, life is all about change. CG wanted to take this to our advantage. Not only are we changing the trends of the Beauty Ind., but in everyday life, taking one colour at a time and making a difference.

Other than what we know, what makes Colour Gossip Nails different from another nail polish company?
CG: When women go to get their nails done they want to relax, and feel good. “Don’t Just Wear a Colour, Wear a Cause,” means more than just a coat of polish making women feel good. It’s about taking something so small and turning it into something that can change the world, with just one colour at a time.

What do you enjoy the most about your business?
CG: Seeing the reaction people have to the quality of our polish as well as the concept. Both men and women love that our polish does more than protect nails.

Was creating this business harder than what you imagined?
CG: Building a business is no piece of cake, however with a strong team, and an even stronger desire; hard work seems like play. Work is even better when you love what you do, and we love painting the world Colour Gossip nail polish.

What is your typical day like?
CG: Depends on the day!!! The night before an event, we are preparing polish making sure that quantity and quality of the product is in CG standard. The day of an event, we spend the first 4 hours preparing for the event, finalizing all small details on the display table. On an off day, we work through emails and proposals, colour selections for the following seasons, as well as pop up shops to generate more street knowledge.

What is your philosophy in life?
CG: Love what you do. As long as you do this, you will never work a day in your life.

Everything that embodies Colour Gossip Nails gives us something good to gossip about! Start gossiping!!

See the amazing talented singer, Skylar Elise sporting her love for Colour Gossip Nails!



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To learn more about Colour Gossip Nails and to see a full list of charities that they support, go to

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