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Mayor of Lightning in a Bottle Enters Race for Mayor of Los Angeles

Mayor of Lightning in a Bottle Enters Race for Mayor of Los Angeles

Do LaB™ Officially Endorses Paul E. Amori in his bid for City Mayor

Today, Lightning In a Bottle Arts and Music Festival, a creative mecca for creative artists and performers by Do LaB™, announced the official endorsement of improvisational dynamo and Founder of Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, Paul E. Amori, for Mayor of Los Angeles. For the first time ever, an interactive artist steeped in music festival culture is applying the ideas and solutions from the festival community directly into a real-life play for public office. In the current Vote 4 Love campaign, Amori distinguishes himself from other candidates of the day by running on what he calls “the Love Party” platform, which asks voters a simple question: “How do we create the most love for the most people?”

In an election held at the festival in 2012, Amori won the honorary title of Mayor of Lightning in a Bottle with his trademark Vote 4 Love campaigning. The following year he independently launched a crowd-funding campaign to bring a vision of his own Casino & Burlesque to the festival. In a landslide turnout of small contributions, his enthusiastic supporters donated more than fifteen thousand dollars to build a home for Love at LIB. Amori’s Casino & Burlesque has since been a staple of the festival and a beacon to others who dare to dream of the possibilities of a world with a little more love in it.

Of the Vote 4 Love campaign, Lightning In a Bottle Co-Founder Josh Flemming said, “We are humbled and excited to see one of our own out there being a voice for good. In the dynamic and all too often disheartening landscape of American politics, it’s refreshing to see someone from the local community of artists leading the charge to bring hope to areas and people that need it most. For this reason, we’re proud to support Paul E. Amori for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2017.“

To define the Love Party, Paul E. Amori summarizes the key points of his platform as:

  • LOVE AS A CORE VALUE – Many of the issues faced by Angelenos and local governance today, like homelessness, traffic, the housing shortage and the rising cost of living –  can be solved through a dedicated and intentional focus to spread love.
  • IMPROVED VOTER TURNOUT – Less than 20% of registered voters are expected to turnout for LA’s 2017 mayoral election. We want to engage voters by showing them how to become involved in policy creation.  
  • CROWD-SOURCED SOLUTIONS – One main reason people are disenchanted with politics is they feel no candidates are offering a voice that truly represents them. By sourcing ideas from the community, real solutions can be made to address real issues.

To become involved with the campaign or to get more information about Paul E. Amori and the Love Party, visit and learn all about how to “Love Your Vote” on March 7th, 2017.

Author: Gypset Magazine

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