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Kaleidoscope Skies: Best Bohemians Trends of the Festival Season 2016

Kaleidoscope Skies: Best Bohemians Trends of the Festival Season 2016

Last week we posted tips on how to pull off the free-spirited “Bohemian Style,” which has grown incredibly popular over the years and has never been more in vogue than in 2016. With the festival season in full swing, the bohemian style is still the go-to look for most festival-goers who prefer the lightweight, care-free and comfortable feel the style provides. No one captures the bohemian style and feel better than the designers at “Free People” who are arguably at the forefront of setting bohemian trends today. Started in the 1970’s, the designs are all about “femininity, courage and spirit”; qualities of a true gypsetter at heart.

We’ve gone through their latest look-book and “Festivals Essentials” catalog and picked out the most stylish and alluring items that are sure to bring out your most eclectic bohemian spirit this festival season.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds- Kaleidoscope Skies

Free People has released a “Kaleidoscope Skies” range this year showcasing all the dreamy, sparkling sides of the boho style. In the range we see rainbow-coloured maxi skirts, prismatic accessories and lots of glittering bling, from temporary tattoos to hair glitter.



American Roots- Traditional Native American Flair

Inspired by the jewelry and instruments of the Native American people, channeling a look with  “Native American flair” has never been more in. The look has become a bohemian style staple thanks to the Coachella crowd, who in recent years have attended the festival wearing a range of Native American accessories like feather headdresses. Featuring traditional rain-sticks, Mexican Nipomo blankets and tipi-style Antigua tents, Free People is rocking another side of American tradition in 2016.

Feisty Fringe

Whether they’re on a waistcoat, on a handbag or on shoes- fringes are huge this year (then again, when have fringes not been huge for bohemian stylers?). A modern day salute to the hippies of the 60’s, Free People has gone wild with them in their latest collection, adding them to sneakers, decorating them with beads and sneaking them into just about any part of the wardrobe (we’re definitely not complaining).

The 2016 Free People bohemian festival trends are at once glittering and “blingy,” but also down-to-earth and in touch with age-old American tradition. This season, sparkling body jewelry and traditional blanket prints stand side by side. There’s something for everyone here with no “right way” to pull off the bohemian look- just bring an adventurous spirit and an open heart.

Author: Alexandra Kögl

Citizen of the world, boho chic, indigo child, foodie, cat lady.

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