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Infinity Chains by bstrd

Infinity Chains by bstrd


We all know how we felt the first day we discovered the infinity scarf. A feeling of delight that we found a product that has the versatility to be worn so many unique ways! Well that was years ago and fashion should always be evolving in a way that demands our exploration. A new jewelry line, b by bstrd has definitely caught our attention. It has taken the concept of the infinity scarf and the stunning look of jewelry and combined them to curate the dazzling infinity chains. Brands that create the opportunity for the customer to be designers and express themselves how they wish is the vision behind b and making these infinity chains.


Made with fine gemstones and metals, these chains reflect the body beautifully while remaining affordable. Infinity chains have an astonishing way of forming to any silhouette in a flattering and artistic approach. The ability to adorn yourself in at least 6 different styles with the same piece is incredible. Let out your inner fashionista by coming up with additional ways to style the piece. What more could we ask for?


I caught up with the bstrd designers for a “behind the scenes” look into their world.

How did you start your company? 
TB: bstrd was started out of a love for design. Originally focused on printing our watercolour artwork onto silk scarves, we moved to jewelry. Jewelry had also been a passion of ours and was easier to bring to market while still taking the necessary time for quality control and R&D (Research and development.) Silk scarves, graphic dresses and raglan sweat shirts and a men’s line are in our near future.

What is your company about?
TB: Our company is about mashing beautiful things with rough things (she says as she imagines sueded silk graphic scarves layered over rough gemstone necklaces) and bringing affordable, locally crafted, high quality pieces to the marketplace. Our goal is to have 40 retailers within Canada in the next 2 years and then to branch into the states.


What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
TB: Launching the website was a really big deal. Getting our first retailer last year was also a wonderful feeling and selling our first diamond bodychain a few months back helped kick us into full gear.

What’s your philosophy of life? 
TB: Hands down: Work hard. Play hard.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration? 
TB: Fashion bloggers – I just love supporting local bloggers and seeing the unique ways they style our pieces. We also target Canadian designers and retail shops that sell locally made goods to carry our lines.

Where are the designers from?   
TB: Andre is from Quebec, Canada. Tianna and Sheira is from Ontario, Canada


When was the bstrd launched?
TB: Brand was launched in 2011

How did both designers start working together and then how did you launch the brand?
TB: Andre and Tianna are the main designers with help from a friend, Sheira. Andre and Tianna and married, having met working for Tianna’s brother’s marketing company. Sheira and Tianna went to high school together and have remained friends since. The brand was launched after Tianna decided she wanted to wear Andre’s watercolour paintings. They are still working on a silk scarf line featuring Dre’s beautiful paintings, but the jewelry was came out of the gate quicker out of a necessity for the right piece and the lack of ability to find it. The brand bstrd will soon feature graphic silk scarves and dresses and a men’s accessory and clothing line.
Fashion has the tendency to take the focal point in design, yet jewelry is the icing on the cake. Jewelry is the breathtaking finishing touch that complements our fashion and gives us our unique style. Express yourself in full with a versatile infinity chain by bstrd.


To see more on this dynamic brand: check out
All photos by: Nicole Marcelli Photography






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Article By: Tosha Cole Clemens
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