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Discover Your New Favorite Brands at IBE LA 2018 - Gypset Magazine

Discover Your New Favorite Brands at IBE LA 2018

From beauty and skincare to wellness and lifestyle brands—IBE LA has got you covered. 150 brands are exhibiting this coming January in LA, so it’s going to be a packed house with some of the most incredible indie beauty brands on the planet. You won’t want to miss IBE Los Angeles on January 24+25, 2018.

Check out some of the favorites this year!

Maapilim  |  Israel

Maapilim are makers of grooming essentials from the Great Sea, which is the historical name of the Mediterranean. Their products are created with the region’s iconic natural oils and extracts, that are known for their benefits to the skin and hair. These ingredients have been used in the region for thousands of years as it was part of the spice route connecting Asia, Africa and Europe.


Collosol Eau de Lait was invented in Paris in the 1950s. A pharmacist created a unique half-milk, half-water formula with a subtle fragrance and gentleness to fulfill an actress’s needs for an exceptional product to remove makeup and eliminate fatigue after performances. Collosol was long reserved only for those in the know, but today it is widespread among fashion celebrities and actresses.

MOA Magic Organic Apothecary | United Kingdom

MOA creates natural skincare products, made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore and with a sprinkling of magic! They continue an age-old tradition of using yarrow as a healing herb in all their products, which soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise. The therapeutic scents, herbal extracts and botanical oils used in the range, have a nurturing effect on mind, body and spirit.

Lük Beautifood | Australia

Proudly made in Australia, Lük Beautifood products are made with a potent mix of active foods that feed your skin with nutrients, hydration and protective antioxidants + anti-inflammatories while actively contributing to your health and wellbeing. They also make every effort to ensure their products leave the smallest footprint possible and do not test on animals.

Lumene  |  Finland

Rooted in the wellbeing rituals of Northern Finland, Lumene’s formulas harness the power of one of the last un-spoilt sanctuaries on earth combining pure oxygen-rich, pH skin friendly Arctic spring water, with a variety of hand-picked Arctic ingredients unlike any other. Every Lumene product has been carefully designed to reflect the potency of the natural ingredients found in the abundant forests.

Dr Roebuck’s | Australia

Their story started by the waves of Bondi Beach. Then came dry, sensitive skin and eczema. The sister duo launched a range of clean skincare products using a formula developed by their doctor parents to create a unique product where instead of adding ingredients, they removed them. No fillers, synthetic chemicals, or unnecessary scientific names are used; just pure, active ingredients.

IBE LA 2018 Exhibiting Brands


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