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How you can Uninstall Avast From Apple pc - Gypset Magazine

How you can Uninstall Avast From Apple pc

How to do away with Avast from Mac pc? First, stop the Avast antivirus app. Then, available the Finder and select Go to File. Then type /Library in the File field and click Go. You will be caused to enter the administrator username and password. This is the default username and password for signing in to the Mac when it’s idle and making changes. Click ALRIGHT to just do it.

Open the Finder and double-click on the Applications folder. Next, click on the ‘+’ sign in the top-left corner to open submenus. After that, click ‘Uninstall Avast’. When you are finished, restart your Mac to finish the process. As soon as the installation method is complete, the uninstall process will be complete. Avast is no longer attached to your Mac pc.

Once you’ve removed the avast program, you need to take away the files that it’s left behind on your hard drive. To do this, start the Finder application and choose /Library. Select the avast-related file and remove it from the trash. The Finder home window will then present all of the files associated with avast. You can also select ‘Go to Folder’ through the Finder screen.

Next, you have to choose a location online deal with a virtual data room to delete the files associated with Avast. Consequently, select ‘Erase all data associated with Avast’ inside the “Apps” file. Click ALRIGHT to confirm the removal. After a few seconds, a confirmation window will appear in your screen. Click on the Quit option to complete the uninstallation process. Once the method is entire, the Avast icon will be gone from the Mac.

Erika Marin

Author: Erika Marin

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