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You Know You’re A Gypsetter When… - Gypset Magazine

You Know You’re A Gypsetter When…


☮ Everyday is an adventure, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

☮ You love fashion, music, art, writing, dancing, singing and all things beautiful.

☮ You release your fears to the unknown, have no expectations for the future and carry yourself in the directions of your dreams, no matter what.

☮ You carry the nomadic spirit deep with in you, which compels you to explore the surface and the depths of your life experience, on this planet we call Earth.

☮ Attachment to material possessions is merely a superficial joy. You recognize that you are so much more than your belongings.

☮ You have a refined sense of self, and bring something very unique to the world, wherever you go.

☮ Every single item you treasure holds a story of land
s once crossed and loves once found + lost.

☮ Family is not only those that you are related to by blood, but also those who you encounter and recognize a soul connection with.

☮ You have the gift of charm and people love you.

☮ All you have is faith in your spirit and love in your heart.

☮ Social norms have no stronghold over you and you have chosen to live your life, your way.

☮ You love learning languages, listening to people speak is music to your ears.

☮ Making an income has become part of your travels and lifestyle. You can make money anywhere you go.

☮ You have a clear inventory of belongings you love and need. They all fit into a couple of bags. The rest is neatly packed away or has been given away a long time ago.

☮ Technology and the Internet play a vital role in your life. You marvel sweetly at the fact that nature, nurture and technology come together like a Capella symphony in your life.

☮ You have an endless sense of curiosity and wonder for the world.

☮ The roads less traveled are the ones that call your name.

☮ You love meeting new people and refuse to say goodbye. It’s always “until next time!”.

☮ You fall in love easily but are also wise enough to know that attachment is fortuitous. Love is free. You can love without possession.

☮ Your heart and soul soars every time you are in the place between places. You are free and wild in the space without a name.

☮ For you, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

☾Diana◈Carolina☽ ऊँ Publisher ❂ Bliss ∞ Consciousness 🕉 Wellness ☼ Love ☮ Namasté☥☪☄☮☯☸☽∞ ↞☾Joy is my highest purpose ☽↠ WWW.GYPSETMAGAZINE.COM

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