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GLAUDI Rooftop Fashion Show Featuring #GirlPower & GlaudiBridal - Gypset Magazine

GLAUDI Rooftop Fashion Show Featuring #GirlPower & GlaudiBridal

On June 16th GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez summer rooftop party & fashion rocked the iconic W Hollywood with a summertime celebration of fashion and glamour with the 2017 #GirlPower Collection by GLAUDI and the 2017 GLAUDI Bridal Collection.

“When it comes to the #GirlPower my goal is to use fashion as a way to empower women whose self-esteem has dropped due to domestic violence and poverty”, Johana told me. When hearing that Rosie Rivera suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violence herself, Johana became impressed at how strong and resilient a woman becomes through it all. Not giving up on love and still believing in good people was something she said Rosie realized after seeking the support she needed to overcome her heartbreaking situation!

The Jenni Love Foundation, in memory and tribute to the resilient spirit of her sister the late Jenni Rivera, reminds us that no obstacle is too big to overcome especially when we come together in #GirlPower.

Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

☾Diana◈Carolina☽ ऊँ Publisher ❂ Bliss ∞ Consciousness 🕉 Wellness ☼ Love ☮ Namasté☥☪☄☮☯☸☽∞ ↞☾Joy is my highest purpose ☽↠ WWW.GYPSETMAGAZINE.COM

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