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Further Future 04.29 - 05.01 Beyond Vegas

Further Future 04.29 – 05.01 Beyond Vegas


Further Future is a new kind of music and lifestyle festival. From 12pm on Friday April 29 through sunset on Sunday May 1, 2016, enjoy a gathering the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada, for a weekend filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection.


The Mission

Moving beyond the confines of a traditional music festival, Further Future establishes a modern means of social movement and cultural change, engaging a conscious community through a unique curation of world-class musicians and art, alongside inspiring leaders in the areas of science, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

Photo by Cai Friffin

Photo by Cai Friffin

The Ethos

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself surrounded by the people who inspire you the most: great friends, artists both new and established, musicians and performers, futurists and technologists; esteemed entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders, all of you awash with new ideas and insights. You are dancing together deep in a remote desert; you are on the sands of a distant and untouched beach; you are on a mountain top looking across endless snow-capped peaks.

Extraordinary music and stunning art blend with and enhance the land around you. The world of limitations is far away, judgments irrelevant and anything is possible.

This is Further Future. It is an untethered home for a newly forming and borderless society carrying a shared vision of the world we are making together.

We aspire to be… an enlightened community connected through magical, beautiful and amazing experiences around the Universe, fostering a culture of mindful optimism, wonder and exploration.

To be kind and generous; to be passionate. To be innovative and not afraid to believe. To welcome a range of amazing and inspiring people to share our journey, past the future and beyond the horizon.

We aspire to help seed the discovery of new knowledge and technologies to protect and heal our planet, our societies and one another, and to help us reach the next stage in our collective evolution. To constantly strive to improve; to become leaders in sustainability and resource efficiency, and in all that we do.

We aspire to inspire.

We are not… another music festival. We are not that impossible, wonderful city on the Playa. We are not looking anywhere but forwards. We are not going to tell you who to be.

You… are the hero.

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The Pillars of Further Future

Extraordinary music, community and stunning art blend with and enhance the land around you. The world of limitations is far away, judgments irrelevant and anything is possible.

Returning to the desert beyond Las Vegas from April 29 to May 1st, 2016, Further Future elevates the festival experience with its curated blend of music, innovation, wellness, gastronomy, community and lifestyle.


Further Future’s acclaimed, highly curated music programming delivers an invigorating mix of electronically inspired artists spanning genres and eras.  The Further Future music experience is a journey filled with exploration and discovery.

Our full musical line up, including live acts and DJs on across four stages and all hours, can be found online and within our app soon. You can also discover more and hear our artists via our partner

Visions Speaker Series

Further Future seamlessly blends the beauty of nature, music and community with an unyielding aspiration for evolution and knowledge. The Further Future Vision speaker series will take place during Saturday and Sunday afternoons at FF002, and will feature some of the world’s leading lights in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, science, wellness and art. We will be announcing the speakers for FF002 in the coming weeks.

Food and Beverage

Further Future will be offering a salubrious food and beverage program catering to every palate. Our vendor village showcases a range of festival friendly culinary delights with 24-hour selections for late night dining. Pre-book multiple pop-up dinners and brunch from world renowned chefs. A melange of beverage options from sake tastings, mixology X technology combinations to mezcal cocktails are there to keep the mood jovial. There will be free drinking water available throughout the grounds to keep you hydrated.

Shop at our carefully selected marketplace of creature comforts or pre-order your wish list for delivery to your onsite accommodations.

Full details of our food and beverage lineup and pop-up dining experiences will be announced at the end of January. All ticket holders will be notified as soon as the lineup and dining experiences are released.

Photo by ElliePritts

Photo by ElliePritts


At the Ablyss Spa, we offer a suite of on-site luxury spa services from massages, hair washes to IV drips. For those that want something very personalized, pamper yourself to the hilt by participating in auctions of customized experiences by renowned stylists, hair and make-up artists and photographers to name but a few.

All services will be made available for pre-order online through our spa partner, StyleSeat from the end of February. Ticket holders will be notified as soon as services go on sale… we recommend you pre-order as soon as they do!

Wellness and Consciousness

Our wellness program offers our guests the chance to heal, detox and recharge physically and mentally. Located a short walk, comfortably away in a tranquil setting with a vast desert backdrop, activities will feature yoga, meditation sessions, talks, meaningful exchanges, technology enhanced wellness experiences and consciousness hacking.

Technology and Innovation

Further Future features all manner of amazing new technologies for you to try and play with.  Expect VR, immersive sound installations and wearables. Discover what’s happening in the world of AI and robotics and listen to category pioneers who will share their view of the future.




Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

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