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From hate to the most wonderful love, the voice of Wonderfox speaks to Gypset Magazine

From hate to the most wonderful love, the voice of Wonderfox speaks to Gypset Magazine

A powerful, edgy, but yet sweet voice leads this LA born and based Spanish rock band. The band was created by Colombian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Isabel Valencia and it’s formed by talented musicians: Tiago D’errico (producer), Freddy Aguirre (Bass), Beto Marin (Lead guitar), and Andres Hermosillo (Drums). The band’s name was inspired by a song from American psychedelic soul band, The Stepkids.

Isabel a music lover, whose musical roots stem from the music of Hector Lavoe to Soda Stereo, opens her heart to Gypset Magazine and shares her unique story. Isabel tells us how she went from hate to absolute love to an instrument that later in life would bring her the biggest satisfactions that an artist could receive such as sharing stage with legendary Chilean band, La Ley, this experience she describes as an amazing and unbelievable one. Her story begins when she was 12 years old in beautiful Colombia where she was born, while being grounded she discovered her love for the guitar. This beautiful and talented Song-writer talks to us about “JuegosMentales”, the band’s first EP, which she describes as her picture of life with songs that talk about the different mental games that we play in life, such as love, fear, and time. Wonderfox seeks to connect with their fans so don’t miss them live tonight at the House of Blues in Hollywood, this will be their last concert of the year as Isabel tells us that they will start working on their new album.

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox By Isaac Bencid

Please tell us about your beginnings, when did you find that you were in love with music? What is your story?

It’s a really funny story that took place in my native country, Colombia, I was 12 at the time and my mother enrolled me in music lessons, I must admit that I hated them, it was weird, I was more inclined to being an actress, and went on to study theater for 5 years. I am a music lover and decided to give it a second chance, I took guitar lessons, it was hard in the beginning, so I kind of gave up on it, and abandoned the guitar under my bed. But one day while I was grounded, I remembered that there was a guitar somewhere in my room, so I decided to give it a try and miraculously something clicked. That was where everything began. Ever since then I cannot stop playing the guitar.

Cuáles son tus raíces musicales, que artistas han influido en tu estilo?
Muchísimos! I have a weird thing with music, just like my food, if it tastes good I will eat it no matter what, with music it’s the same, if it sounds good I will hear it. My influences are really strong they range from Hector Lavoe, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Cure, and Depeche Mode to Camaron de la Isla and Soda Stereo. I grew up with rock en español, I cannot deny that Soda Stereo was always playing on the radio and I practiced a lot of their songs. The Pixies are also one of my biggest influences. Although, I have a style of my own, these bands form great part of my musical life.

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox by Carlos Garzon

How was Wonderfox conceived?
Wonderfox se creó aproximadamente hace dos años, durante una sesión de carpool hacia un wedding gig, viajaba junto a el actual productor de la banda, Tiago D’errico, nos llevamos muy bien durante el viaje, decidimos reunirnos tiempo después y le toque una canción, esa canción se convirtió en cinco canciones que ahora forman nuestro EP, Juegos Mentales. A este sueño se unieron Freddy Aguirre que toca el bajo, Carlos Marin que toca la guitarra y Andres Hermosillo en la batería. El nombre nace a raíz de la canción de la banda The Stepkids llamada Wonderfox.

You have composed songs for the band, what inspires you?
La vida en si, todo lo que observo, todo lo que me pasa, son 5 canciones inspiradas en la vida, en el subconsciente, en esa vocecilla que nos dice que tú puedes o no. Por ejemplo la canción “Miedo” es dedicada a aquellas personas que no se atreven a luchar por lo que aman o a darlo todo, la canción “Final” se trata acerca de cumplir los sueños y de vivir el presente, la canción “Juntos” es una canción de amor que escribí cuando me encontraba a la distancia con alguien, y “Tiempo” trata sobre la relatividad del tiempo, esa ansia de que llegue el momento.

Platícanos como llegan a el título de el EP Juegos Mentales?
Pensando en la canción “Juguete”, el nombre “Juegos Mentales” resume las cinco canciones, tiempo, presente, la vocecilla que está en tu cabeza y el amor también. Son los juegos internos, juegos de los sentimientos.

Has trabajado con grandes bandas como Elefante, La Santa Cecilia, Los Amigos Invisibles, Julieta Venegas y recientemente con La Ley, cuéntanos tu anécdota favorita?
La Ley, it’s been my biggest achievement, not only because they are an amazing band with great musicians but because I have practiced their songs since close to forever. Also, the venue factor, the concert was at The Greek Theatre, being there and setting foot on the stage blew my mind, I was shaking of happiness, when I got there to do sound check my eyes got watery, I was really excited, really happy. It was a great experience because just the day before I was sitting in the same theatre as public really far away from the stage to see another of my favorite bands, Massive Attack, and being there on stage was unbelievable.

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox

Photo Courtesy of Wonderfox By Cesar Suarez

How do you picture Wonderfox’s future?
It’s a tough question, because I have seen myself in many situations, places, and dreams and what has happened so far has over exceeded my expectations, such as playing at The Greek Theatre. I am a spiritual person I think we can get really far, thanks to the help and support of many people, fans, media, friends, and family. I dream come true would be to play in festivals, such as Rock en Rio or Rock en el Parque de Colombia, tocar en mi tierra would be a dream.

Cuando les podemos ver en vivo?
Hoy 2 de Diciembre en el House of Blues de Hollywood junto a Jenny and the Mexicats, esperamos verlos a todos. Este será el último concierto del año ya que estamos trabajando en nuevo material. Hoy saldremos con toda la energía del mundo, ya que queremos darles todo en agradecimiento al apoyo recibido.

A final message to our Gypsetters?
Que visiten for more music and news. We like to keep in touch with our fans. We
would like to thank to our fans and media for their support, gracias por escucharnos. Keep dreaming and
stay strong.



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