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FRESKO: New Music - Gypset Magazine

FRESKO: New Music

HOT HALF DOZEN by Patrick O’Heffernan
From 155 submissions

Gemini, single by Kedra Erika | Gypset Magazine

Gemini, single by Kedra Erika.  Catches you from the first bars and holds you with her bouncy yet seductive voice that  brings urgency and narrative.  Beautifully produced.  Stream on Spotify. Follow on YouTube and all socials. And at

Blood on Your Hands by Willie Nile | Gypset Magazine

Blood on Your Hands by Willie Nile (featuring Steve Earl) Classic, addictive blues rock from Niles’ new album The Day the Earth Stood Still to be released August 13. In the meantime, enjoy the song on the YouTube video from what will be his 14th studio album with 11 new songs. Pre-order the album at

I’d Give Anything(stripped), by Kris Angelis | Gypset Magazine

I’d Give Anything(stripped), by Kris Angelis.  A loving, melancholy, introspective, haunting Angelis.  The spare piano accompaniment (the “stripped” part) makes this even more powerful.  You will put it on repeat and hum along.  Stream on Spotify, download at at

Soy Chigona by Tierra Girls | Gypset Magazine

Soy Chigona by Tierra Girls.  A song about being a “bad ass woman” in English and Spanish is both fun and serious.  The three -time Austin Music Award winning trio knows how to put  message and music together for a hit.  Stream/download on all major platforms.  Follow at

Bolero a la vida, single by  Omara Portuondo with Gaby Moreno | Gypset Magazine

Bolero a la vida, single by  Omara Portuondo with Gaby Moreno. I have had the pleasure of seeing Omara Portuondo live in Cuba  and Gabby Moreno live in Los Angeles.  It s a double pleasure to hear them sing together on this song, the first release from Portuondo’s forthcoming  album, Vidas, due out next month.  A diva of the venerable Buena Vista Social Club, Portuondo brings back the feel of old Havana with a modern sound  through the magic of Moreno’s production skills. Stream on Spotify. Video on  YouTube. Follow at

No One , single by Ah Mer Ah Su | Gypset Magazine

No One , single by Ah Mer Ah Su – You will tap your toes and snap your finger as the poptronic princess and producer  spins out a lively but personal tale of self-acceptance and the realities of navigating the music world.  Stream on Spotify. Check out the YouTube  video. Follow on Insta, Bandcamp, Patreon.

Bonus – Romance by  Samantha Sánchez | Gypset Magazine

Bonus – Romance by  Samantha Sánchez. Check her out

Author: Patrick O’Heffernan

Patrick O’Heffernan - Host, MUSIC FridayLive!

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