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Follow the beats of your heart and find the best of you thru dance with Nicole Gil

Follow the beats of your heart and find the best of you thru dance with Nicole Gil

It doesn’t take too long to know a great soul, and it doesn’t take too long to understand when someone’s passion is beyond words. This is to me the case of meeting an amazing beautiful dancer who is not just incredibly amazing at her art, but also brings out the best of the people who get a chance to meet her. We talked for a bit about her persona and this is what I have to share with you now in this Q and A with Nicole Gil.

1) How did dancing and music become part of you and at what age?

I was raised in a family of festivity loving Colombians that would look for any excuse to dance the night away. Since I was a little tike, I danced Cumbia with my papi and tios. More formally, I started dance classes when I was 7 and attended a Performing Arts Middle School where I focused on Folk, Jazz and Hip-hop. I fell in love with salsa dancing when I turned 21 and joined the Salsa Club at UCLA. It has since become a tremendous part of my life.

2) What is the biggest satisfaction you get out of dancing?
The most satisfying part of Salsa is connecting with other people. When you both understand the music and can communicate moves to one another strictly through body movement, there’s a special and unique sense of satisfaction.
Nicole Gil Photo by Andreana Stoyanova

Nicole Gil Photo by Andreana Stoyanova


3) What are the 3 tips you can give beginners about dancing Salsa?
1. Recognize that it takes time and consistency. It can be frustrating when you don’t pick up new moves quickly, but you will learn and get comfortable with them if you put the time in.
2. Just Do It! Go out and go social dancing! Practice whatever you know as many times as possible with as many people as possible!
3. Tape/ Take Notes on the new moves you learn. You will forget if you don’t review. Even if it seemed easy, you have to remember that you are going to have to recall it in the middle of a crowded dance floor, with your partner staring at you, while you try to stay on beat… haha… Review it so that you eventually dance without having to think about every step.
Who are the faster learners women or man?
Women. Not only do more women generally have more dance experience, but following is usually easier to pick up than leading. Ladies can go out without ever taking a class and learn a handful of new moves just by being out on the dance floor, but men have to come prepared and know what they want to lead.
Nicole Gil Photo by Ricardo Contreras

Nicole Gil Photo by Ricardo Contreras


5) Speaking of learning how to dance Salsa how can our readers find you and where do you normally teach?
I teach at the Novel Bar in Koreatown every Wednesday and two 3-month programs at Studio Maesto in Santa Monica on Sundays. I also teach private lessons out of a number of different studios all over LA. Visit: for more details
6) Have you participated in any championships or contests and what does it required to take part of any of those events?
I have competed and it usually requires you to go through a series of stages until you make it to the final round. Many competitions require you to social dance and qualify based on audience applause during round one. After qualifying you often go through a least one semi-final round where you perform your choreography. The final round is usually judged by a panel of experienced dancers that determine the winners based on many different criteria.
Nicole Gil Photo by Andreana Stoyanova

Nicole Gil Photo by Andreana Stoyanova


 7) What is your favorite dance movie and why?
Step Up. It’s cheesy and the story is predictable, but I love the dancing and music. If you haven’t seen it, you can fast forward to the dance scenes and not miss much.
If interested in contacting Nicole Gil please direct your inquires at or Visit:




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