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Whimsical, Magical, Colorful and Bold, Flower Reawakening | Floral Editorial Honoring Pachamama!

Whimsical, Magical, Colorful and Bold, Flower Reawakening | Floral Editorial Honoring Pachamama!


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

You begin to discover you too are a flower. You feel locked up for an instant, but a spark hits you – tickling your senses. Maybe it’s the outstretched arms of your love…maybe it’s the thankful look in your child’s eyes. Maybe it’s the feeling of satisfaction you feel when you feel you have done your part to help the world…maybe it’s the creation of a fresh piece of art.

Either way, it is love.

You embrace this sacred sensation and you too begin to bloom with the other flowers. By embracing the flowers, you become one with them and one with the world.

Today we celebrate Earth Day! A time to reflect on the beauty of Mother Nature and learn ways to keep her healthy. We carry this message to all our readers in hopes of encouraging environmental sustainability and increase awareness. Honor Pachamama in any way you possible can, today, Gypset Magazine honors our Mother Earth highlighting with a perfect fusion of Women + Flowers, the beauties of nature.

Did you know that planting flowers reduces the amount of carbon we have in our environment?  They take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen in turn providing us with Life.

Models: Ivet Fortun + Manon Chaney + Tricia Wang + Ivette Obregon

Photographer: Gery Edra + Miary Andria

MUA: Magali Casas (Ivet Fortun + Ivette Obregon) Laura Gomez (Tricia Wang + Manon Chaney)

Handmade Floral Headpieces: Magali Casas (Ivet Fortun + Tricia Wang) Diana Carolina (Ivette Obregon + Manon Chaney)

Production: FOCLA

VIEW Full Gallery and Behind the Scenes

Gypset Magazine

Model: Ivet Fortun Photographer: Gery Edra MUA: Magali Casas Handmade Floral Headpiece: Magali Casas Production: FOCLA

Gypset Magazine

Model: Ivette Obregon Photographer: Miary Andria MUA: Magali Casas Handmade Floral Headpiece: Diana Carolina Production: FOCLA

Gypset Magazine

Models: Manon Chaney Photographer: Miary Andria MUA: Laura Gomez Handmade Floral Headpieces: Diana Carolina Production: FOCLA

Gypset Magazine

Models: Tricia Wang Photographer: Gery Edra MUA: Laura Gomez Handmade Floral Headpiece: Magali Casas Production: FOCLA

Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

☾Diana◈Carolina☽ ऊँ Publisher ❂ Bliss ∞ Consciousness 🕉 Wellness ☼ Love ☮ Namasté☥☪☄☮☯☸☽∞ ↞☾Joy is my highest purpose ☽↠ WWW.GYPSETMAGAZINE.COM

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