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Behind the Scenes of a fashion video shoot with Ferid Hasbun - Gypset Magazine

Behind the Scenes of a fashion video shoot with Ferid Hasbun

Warm, sunny day in southern California. Somewhere in Hollywood Talent arrives on set, the photographer shoots various test images to perfect his lighting, makeup is almost done, and Ferid, the videographer, scouts the location with the shot list looking for great angles to capture the happenings of the photo shoot.

We were fascinated by Ferid Hasbun’s unique behind the scenes video of the photo shoot with Qveen Herby for the fashion magazine Marie Westwood and decided to invite him to chat about his process to this amazing fashion video.

Ferid, what’s the most important part of creating a behind the scenes fashion video?

It’s important to capture the essence of the shoot and of course to capture the talent in a way that represents their style and voice.

You want to capture the important details that give the audience the full experience of the photo shoot and brings them closer to their favorite actor, model, musician, or character.

Now, your behind the scenes feel more like an actual film. Why is that?

Eventually, I come from film, you know. I work as 1st and 2nd Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, and I also work as a Photo Assistant for fashion photographers besides my own work as Fashion Videographer.

This experience certainly makes me want to create a story behind the actual photo shoot giving it a structure, maybe adding a bit of mystery and drama.

And you also have to consider the power of video on social media nowadays. Videos have a high engagement rate and you want to make a video with the “viral” intention in your head such as companies like Dior do.

What equipment did you use on this shoot?

It was shot with my Canon 5D using the Technicolor Picture Profile and Canon lenses. I switched between handheld mode and Gimbal to make the tracking shots. As far as lights, we used natural light and for interior shots I used a small LED to bring up the exposure. Additionally, I used a Satin Filter ½ strength to soften the skin of the talent a bit. I edited on Adobe Premiere and color graded on DaVinci Resolve.

What are you working on right now and what’s your next goal?

I’m shooting more fashion and beauty videos for clients in the industry essentially creating fashion films for their online presence.

A goal of mine is for sure to shoot a behind the scenes video for an established magazine like Vogue or Sports Illustrated. That’s the quality I want to achieve with my work.


Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

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