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The Endless Horizon: Bohemian Style

The Endless Horizon: Bohemian Style

To see an endless horizon, circling blue skies above, wind billowing through long hair, lungs breathless with endless possibility and curiosity for what’s out there- this is simply a moment in time for a true Bohemian at heart. They are the free-spirited vagabonds of our time, wondering the earth as “oddballs,” uninhibited by society’s rules and restrictions; following only the roar of an adventurous heart and the love of creative expression.


Photo by Glamradar

The Bohemian movement originated in the early 19th century, with artistic Romani gypsies immigrating from “Bohemia”- an area in the Czech Republic bordering Germany. They influenced young French artists and writers of the time, who identified with and adopted their unconventional lifestyle. The term “ la Bohémien” was born.

The “Bohemian Style” is just as much about showing the world this care-free, individualistic spirit as it is living it. It’s so much more than fringes, flower crowns and bare feet; the Bohemian Style is where fashion meets art. Music festivals like “Coachella” have brought the style into the mainstream, with designers likes Valentino and Gucci walking models down the runway in this unique style. It’s about expressing “the self,” all while looking fabulous doing it. Here are a few unmissable “Bohemian Style” essentials to get you feeling like a true Indigo Girl:

1. The ground rule of the “Bohemian look”, is that there are no rules. Bohemians don’t keep up with trends and only seek to express themselves, their creativity and even their moods. The key here is to be sincere: feel like wearing that synthetic fur waistcoat with a light cotton gypsy dress? Go for it. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks; you carve the beauty into the world by feeling gorgeous rocking your own style.


Photo by Glamradar


Photo by Hippiecouture


Photo by World of the Woman

2. Be comfortable above all else! Foremost, Bohemians value their free-spiritedness and nomadic lifestyle and their clothing should show this sense of uninhibited freedom. Known to swept up by wanderlust, Bohemians wouldn’t explore the world feeling restricted by anything, let alone their clothing (sorry, 7-inch Manolo’s- you’re out). Think loose-fitting, comfortable dresses and skirts and wearing “breathable” clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, leather (or synthetic versions for the animal lovers among us).


Photo by Victor Demarchelier


Photo by lovethispic

3. Bright young things: The Bohemian style is often characterized by loud, vibrant “statement” pieces that become wearable art. Colorful graphic prints, exotic cloths and wearing those chunky bangles you got from that souk in Morocco. Bohemians often wear the treasures they have picked up from all over the world and then layer all of them together in one beautiful moving art piece.

Boho Boho

4. Accessorize! Fringed waistcoats, pendants, pearls, feathers, sequins, piercings, fresh flowers… Bohemians adorn themselves with their favorite accessories, whether they found them on their morning stroll along the beach or they were given them by their departed grandma. The idea is to display your favorite items to the world, much like an art exhibit, as they express your story and what you love.


Photo by Showpo


Photo by lovethispic


Photo by Glamradar

Just do you.


Article by Alex Kogl- citizen of the world,  indigo child, foodie, cat lady, boho chic

Author: Alexandra Kögl

Citizen of the world, boho chic, indigo child, foodie, cat lady.

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