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From The Editor: A Bohemian Calling!

From The Editor: A Bohemian Calling!

Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to the world of creative expression. Like many of you, my childhood evolved around engagement of the senses, discovering that art making was a form of expression, immersed in a sea of paint, crayons, construction paper, brown paper bags and popsicle sticks, taking pride in my creations. Oftentimes I sketched my family and friends, my vision of the future, a subtle introduction to the art of storytelling.  I became an explorer at heart with a fondness for the unexpected, discovering a variety of artistic disciplines that fulfilled my curiosity and need for self-expression.

However, adulthood came upon me quickly and I found myself managing responsibilities and defining a career path that provided me the financial security and stability that I needed.  This, unfortunately, drifted me away from that creative world that had always fulfilled me, and where I felt that my heart belonged.

Like many of us, I followed all the steps to reach a “seemingly” successful happy life. I got a degree, and worked hard to move up the ladder and become successful at my job. However, the more I climbed, the less happy I felt.  I felt like that I was trapped in a downward spiral.  Ironically, you could say that I was living the ‘American Dream’, and although I was very good at my job I got burnt out and I wasn’t fulfilled.   I began to ask myself, “What can make me smile even on the worst day?”

I had realized that I was no longer connected my true self, and had lost sight of what was truly important, my passion.  I continued to ask myself… Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I contribute in a meaningful way?  Is there a reason why all this happened? Can I combine my experience with my passion? I had lost myself in the route to reaching success.

It was during these moments that I turned to soul searching. I read many books, attended numerous workshops, learned to meditate and about the healing benefits of yoga. It wasn’t easy, but little by little I felt like I was waking up, and became more and more aware of the little voice inside – and the message was clear: I have the knowledge and strength inside me to know what I need to do to heal and find my true joy. It was a deeper level of understanding and self-discovery, I was ready to listen to my heart and spirit.

It was then that I made the decision to reengage my childhood, to revive that essence of creativity and curiosity that truly made me happy.  I realized that my passion was rooted in creative expression, fashion, photography, design, culture, art, dance, music, food and creative writing.  As a proud Latina, I knew that my identity lied in the fusion of my cultural roots as an immigrant, creative expression and the corporate world.  I was also at the crossroads of a gypsy- a bohemian wandering soul, and the experience of a jetsetter embarking on the journey to fulfill my passion.  It was at that moment that I realized that changing my paths was all part of the plan. The knowledge and experience gained in the corporate world was what allowed me create and build the ideal outlet to combine my passions, and create the catalyst of what would become Gypset Magazine.

My vision was clear and the concept was simple, more than a magazine, it was an identity!  An identity that would represent the creative expressions of emerging talent that comes to life by the diversity of people, thoughts and ideas.  As a jetsetter who has traveled the world, I know that true freedom, authenticity and connection to your passion is a philosophy that yields a truly calling, inspiring many who also see the world differently and disregard conventional rules.

The creation of Gypset was exciting, but also raised many mixed feelings of leaving the security and stability that I worked so hard to create.  Nonetheless, my vision and passion started growing stronger, and soon enough, I found that the connection to the Gypset identity by so many people could not be ignored, and required all my attention full time.  It was at that moment that I gathered strength and said good bye to corporate America. I was very fortunate to be embraced by a new community and to draw in amazing people that helped in the development and growth of my passion. I am truly grateful to them.

My story is not unique, it’s full of ups and downs, sharp turns and changes.  But I listened to my inner voice and found the courage within me to write the new chapter of my life. I truly believe that the ability to communicate thru creative expression enriches our lives in substantial and meaningful ways.  For me, thinking creatively, giving expressive shape to ideas, and communicating those ideas is indispensable in my endeavors to discover a brand new world of opportunities.  While in this new journey, I’ve decided to focus on my values, my health, my relationships, and my passion.   This has also opened a whole new world for me, connecting me again to my philanthropic interests, my community, and living a meaningful and authentic life- a discovery of my true calling, a bohemian calling.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

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Author: Diana Carolina Carmona

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