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Do You Lack Creative Talent But Still Admire Art? - Gypset Magazine

Do You Lack Creative Talent But Still Admire Art?

If anything can be art, anyone can be an artist. One of the questions most people struggle with is, are artists born or made?  Art is both innate and can still be learned. Also, it can take any form like photography, welding, drawing, painting, carpentry, digital imaging and more. While you might have scribbled or painted back in pre-school, you might not think of yourself as a good artist.  A lot of people doubt their artistic skill, and some believe that art is not meant for them.  However, what you may not know is that everyone has potential. Here are some pointers to demonstrate that anyone can be an artist.

Even Great Artists Need to Practice

No one becomes great at what they do in a day. To be great at what you do, you need to start out small and gain knowledge along the way.  While you may not be an excellent artist at the beginning, you might later on. Remember that practicing your art frequently is key to perfection. By the end of the process, you’ll appreciate the journey.

Are You Able to Take Advice?

Anyone can be a good artist if they learn how to take advice.  You might not like the criticism, but it’s a perfect way to learn.  Ask your family or friends for advice. Alternatively, you can have an artist you admire, and you could get some tips on where to improve.

Forget About Perfection

When starting out, it’s easy to want to be perfect. You want to implement the right style, use the best tools, and draw without any faults.  However, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t matter what tools or style you use. All that matters is the amount of time, effort, and emotion that you put in. You can later make changes.

Quick Tips on How to Improve Your Art Skills

  • Watch YouTube Tutorials:  YouTube videos are great if you’re starting out. Moreover, you get to listen as the artist describe their work and take you through each step.
  • Draw from Real Life: painting or drawing from real life gives you an idea of how shadows and light work. It also gives you an idea of how angles work.
  • Don’t Throw Away Your First Piece: Sometimes you may get frustrated when you paint, and nothing seems to look the way you want.  Keep your first sketch, don’t discard it. In a few months’ time, you’ll appreciate the improvement you’ll have made.

The truth is that anyone can be an artist. Take up something that is fun to you and something your audience will enjoy. Forget about perfection and instead put in the effort, time, and passion.

Author: Jess Walter

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