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Carolina Miranda nos promete que la nueva temporada de la #SraAcero4 no nos va a defraudar! - Gypset Magazine

Carolina Miranda nos promete que la nueva temporada de la #SraAcero4 no nos va a defraudar!

Carolina Miranda en exclusivo con Gypset Magazine sobre la nueva temporada de #SraAcero4 La Coyote y nos cuenta cual ha sido su episodio favorito!

Cuéntanos, cual ha sido el tuyo?

Based on an original story by Roberto Stopello and written by Indira Páez, the new season of the Super Series™ unfolds within the painful context of the undocumented immigrants who cross the border from Mexico to the United States in search of the American Dream. “Señora Acero, La Coyote” continues the story of Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), a strong woman who has carved a path for herself in a male-dominated world and fights for better treatment of the many immigrants who struggle to cross one of the world’s longest borders. In the new season, La Coyote faces enemies on both sides of the law who are out for revenge and to destroy the Acero Quintanilla dynasty.

Starring Carolina Miranda, Luis Ernesto Franco, Michel Duval, Jorge Zárate, Diego Cadavid, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Oscar Priego, Rodrigo Guirao, Alberto Agnesi, Aurora Gil, Oka Giner, Mauricio Henao and Jonathan Islas, with a special participation by Gaby Espino, the ambitious production is being filmed in locations along the US-Mexican border, including Tijuana, San Diego and McAllen, and at Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico, the set for films and series such as “Titanic,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Walking Dead.”

The series also features Shalim Ortiz, Lucía Silva, Eduardo Amer, Felipe Betancur, Mario Loria, Haydee Navarra, María José Magán, Nubia Martin, Roberto Wohlmuth, León Peraza, Javier Escobar, Katia del Pino, Patty Pacheco, Ernesto Lecuona, Martin Kuiper, Jessica Segura, Sophie Gomez, Fermín Martínez, Mario Escalante and María Fernanda Quiroz.

Author: Diana Molina

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