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Welcome to Bacanah!

Bacanah is an online bazaar that curates a beautiful collection of unique handmade products crafted by aborigen cultures and artisans in developing communities around the world.

Our mission is to convergence each product with the story of the person who made it for a personal connection between the buyer and maker. We offer fair trade, purpose- driven, ethically made gifts with a story. We believe in respecting people and the planet therefore we include organic, re-made, local and fair trade collections of clothing, jewelry, gifts, home-goods and accessories.

Ethical | Faretrade | Artisan | Handmade | Sustainable | Organic | Convergence | Wellness| Humanity


The women of the Wayuu tribe have been hand weaving these bags for generations. Every single bag is different and unique, with intricate tribal designs and colors. Many of the designs that are woven into each bag represent the natural elements that surround the Wayuu, and what their culture revolves around, such as: animals, the sun, plants, stars. It takes these women 10-15 days to complete each bag; they are a labor of love.

We are working personally with the Wayuu women who hand make each bag, and have therefore cut out the middle men, making sure they are fairly paid, work in good conditions, and are taken care of. The popularity of these bags is a great thing for these women who sustain their villages’ economy by hand making these pieces and selling them.

One of our principal goals is to make our costumers relate with the story of each bag and the amazing traditions from the Wayuu tribe women who hand make them.

COCOROCO LUCK was born in 2014 in Switzerland as a sisters dream and now as formal business between Laura and Camila Castro. This creative duo mix their different styles, talent and passion to combine their ideas to give life to an awesome project. They decided to create a Colombian handmade brand targeted men with international projection by using genuine leather.

Cocorocoluck is and accessories leather line uniquely design to make a statement about taste and individuality by following their various latin and european influences.  Their goal is to emphasize your personality and help you to stand out your style in your own way. All the of them are handcrafted with care and diligence.

Enjoy and discover their creations, and remember… they’re all made with LOVE.