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''ANALOG LOVE'' By Vinyl Soul is more than just love, it's life.

”ANALOG LOVE” By Vinyl Soul is more than just love, it’s life.

Where does the uniqueness of Vinyl Soul comes from?

We don’t really think it’s uniqueness. We believe everything comes from everything and we are just part of the big circle. I guess what our fans perceive in our music is that every single instrument has a human voice. We are lucky to have the best musicians as friends and that’s when magic happens.

Can you tell us the names of the members and their part in the band?

John Patrick-Vocals, Nambo-guitar and production, Jessica-Bass, Argel-Drums & Lilly on trumpet.
How does the melody find you?

Melody takes you away and writes the music of the story but without a nice groove melody is not complete.

Vinyl Soul by Flanegan B

Vinyl Soul by Flanegan B

Where has been the weirdest place any of you got inspire to write a song?

The weirdest place would be LIFE itself. It can give you excitement and experience but at the same time it can make you sad and miserable. I think our music reflects that. We feel that it’s not really about the place, it’s about how you feel at that moment.

What gives Vinyl Soul happiness?

The satisfaction to inspire other people the best they can be, to let their problems fade away while they listen to our music. That’s priceless.
What countries have been lucky to experience Vinyl Soul and why did you choose those places?

Japan, Mexico & U.S.A

There was a time that we felt that we needed to resign from the music scene here in L.A and decided to give it a try in another country. We have always being fans of Japanese culture and it was time to expose our music to the general public there. we were there for 6 months, came back twice and surprisingly that opened the doors to have more gigs here and Mexico. after our Japan tour people started paying more attention to us. JAPAN was the biggest foundation of Vinyl Soul.


Vinyl Soul By David

Vinyl Soul By David

What is love and how come you guys nailed it on every song?

Consciously or unconsciously we tend to always write about all stages of love, the approach is always different. We try to be as open as we can even though sometimes it affects our feelings in the moment of writing.

Do you have any shows coming up?

Yes, we are playing this Thursday at King King (6555 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028) we will be on stage around 11:30 we would love to see you there!!!

Where can we find you on social media?

Finally is there anyone you would like to mentioned or thank for reaching your goals or success?

We have to start by thanking our fans cause they’re the ones that receive what we wish to share. Our families are a huge part of our support system. And everyone that’s ever reached out to us and opened doors.

Photos by By Flanegan B (whole band ) By David (Umbrella)



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