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Calle 13 - Ojos Color Sol ft. Silvio Rodríguez with Gael Garcia Bernal and Maria Valverde - Gypset Magazine

Calle 13 – Ojos Color Sol ft. Silvio Rodríguez with Gael Garcia Bernal and Maria Valverde

(San  Juan, PR – July 29, 2014) – A kiss that lost sense of time, that transforms and subverts all while turning the natural into supernatural. That is the concept created by René Pérez Joglar for the video “Ojos Color Sol” (Sun-colored Eyes) to be released on today through the link in Calle13Vevo channel. It is starred by two internationally renowned movie figures: Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (“Motorcycle Diaries”) and Spanish actress María Valverde (“The Weakness of the Bolshevik”), whose performance makes the lyrical voice transcend to images. The video was directed by René Pérez Joglar and Kacho López Mari.

When talking about the concept, René explained that, because the song is full of allegories and metaphors, he thought of many ideas, and after some time he finally came out with what he wanted; a video that complements the song, that doesn’t distract the attention from the story narrated through the lyrics. “I focused on a kiss, that kiss that brings together physical sensations and intensity of emotions, changing the way we see everything around us. I wrote the script, including the camera shots, and sent it to Kacho. We discussed it and went ahead with it. Although I was in Spain during the shooting, and Kacho in Argentina, we always kept in touch. He would send me the filmed sequences, I commented on these, and in almost no time the video was shot, just as I conceived it.”

Kacho López, who also edited the video, described their joint work, now in its fourth cycle, after filming “MultiViral”, “Adentro” (Inside) and “El Aguante” (Endurance): “This work establishes our chemistry when it comes to making ideas come true. The video is the result of a collaborative relationship and affinity in vision that has matured over a year of hard work.”

Filmmaking is one of the top goals of the author and singer of Calle 13, and that is why he’s always been an integral part of nearly two-dozen of their music videos. “I’m aware of everything, always in contact with the director and looking into every detail: from the script, the casting, the locations, the camera shots to editing and post-production.” But this is the first time that he assumes his role “officially”, and includes his name among the credits. About this, he says, “I have worked closely with very good directors and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Kacho is very humble, in the best sense of the word. He knows and enjoys his craft. He shares what he knows about it without hesitation. It certainly has been a very fruitful experience, of mutual learning and respect.

René and Kacho agree that Gael and Maria are two very special talents. The subtleties they bring to the piece are felt throughout their cinematographic performance. Both fill the “frame” with energy without apparent effort, without artifice. “They are actors of the highest level. This makes the role of a director easier and more pleasant. It is important to point out the modesty and delivery they showed throughout the process. It was a true delight to share with both actors this process of creation and collaboration”, said López Mari.

Gael García Bernal is recognized for his film and theater acting. His career began with his debut in the movie “Amores Perros” (2000) by Alejandro González Iñárritu, nominated for an Oscar that same year for “Best Foreign Film”. Since then, he has built an important acting career that includes “El crimen del Padre Amaro” (The Crime of Father Amaro”) by Carlos Carrera, Diarios de Motocicleta” (Motorcycle Diaries) by Brazilian director Walter Salles, “La mala educación” (Bad Education) by Pedro Almodóvar, and Babel, González Iñárritu’s third movie.

María Valverde is a Spanish actress that has been directed by prominent international cinematographers in various movies since her beginning; the most recent being “Exodus” -still unreleased- by renowned English film director Ridley Scott, where she plays Zipporah, the wife of the Moses (male leading role by Christian Bale). Her name shone for the first time with the female protagonic role in “La flaqueza del bolchevique” (The Weakness of the Bolshevik) that won her a Goya Award for “Best New Actress” (highest award given by the Film Academy of Spain). From there on she has continued a successful career, being awarded “Best Actress” internationally in different occasions.

The song “Ojos Color Sol”, produced and directed by Eduardo Cabra, a/k/a “Visitante”, includes the collaboration of Cuban Trova Maestro, Silvio Rodríguez, and is considered by music critics as one of the most important of Calle 13’s latest album “MultiViral”, the first under their own label, El Abismo. To date, it has become of the favorites of the Puerto Rican band’s followers. It is noteworthy that “Ojos color sol” is the first music video that includes Silvio Rodríguez in its soundtrack.

Calle 13 just returned from a successful tour throughout Spain, with total sellouts, that ended on Sunday, July 20 with a concert in the Botanical Garden of the Complutense University of Madrid. Their Multiviral tour will continue shortly, starting in September 6 at the Best Buy Theater in New York, and following in October at the San Diego, House of Blues (8), San Francisco, The Warfield (10) and Los Angeles (11). In the near future, the Band will be announcing new dates and venues.

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