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The Boatman - Gypset Magazine | Gypset Magazine

The Boatman

At the center of the story is the mysterious Miguel aka “El Maldito” (The Cursed One). Miguel, brilliantly embodied by award-winning actor Oscar Torre, is a loner with a reputation of being one of the few Coyote’s (human smuggler) who rarely fails navigating his people across the unpredictable river that divides the U.S. and Mexico. Miguel must grapple with a past he cannot remember and a future that is littered with corpses. Known as “El Maldito”, Miguel seems haunted by the dead and dying. He comes upon them on desert roads; he hears their confessions and takes part in their dying wishes.

Along with Torre (Ladron Que Roba A Ladron, The Hangover III, Counterpunch), The Boatman also stars, singer-songwriter in her debut film, Noemi Dunbar, Yvonne DeLaRosa (Borderline, Longmire, Los Americans), Carlos Montilla (Jane The Virgin) and Rogelio T. Ramos (We’re Alive: Lockdown).

The Boatman opens on December 16th and runs through the 23rd at Arena Cinelounge, a modern cinema in a historic theater building that is known to showcase indie and hard-to-find films.

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Written & Directed by Greg Morgan
Produced by Greg Morgan & Jeanne Flynn-Morgan.
Director of Photography Nick Matthews.
Starring Oscar Torre, Noemi Dunbar, Yvonne Delarosa, & Carlos Montilla.

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