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GYPSET is a community on a journey that is defined by our experiences and the individuals we meet along the way. The farther we go, the more the world opens up to us and possibilities become endless. No matter where our travels take us, or how foreign the territory we find that we belong, doors are open, friendships are formed and the unfamiliar becomes home.

We want to recognize your journey, your experiences and the people you have met. Share with us your world! We are always on the lookout for new photographers, contributors, Gypsetters that are passionate and talented and want to share their work to the world.

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  1. Hello, Gypset Magazine.

    The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop in Florida composed of songwriters, musicians and vocalists recording pop rock music with a vintage vibe. We have just completed our first project called “Fine State Of Affairs,” a collection of songs for lonely hearts, obsessive lovers, and hopeless romantics. It can be downloaded free at BandCamp ( and from our web site (, where we would love to share that you talked about our songs. We hope you will enjoy the music and consider covering it in Gypset Magazine.

    Short Bio.
    The Gunboat Diplomats have a quirky pop rock sound has been compared to such diverse artists as Elvis Costello, Portishead, The Righteous Brothers and a younger, more handsome version of The Gunboat Diplomats, just to name a few. When they are not writing and recording at Zoe Tribe Studios, the Gunboat Diplomats enjoy ironic detachment, being diplomatic, and writing short biographies about themselves.

    I own the copyright for these songs and I am a member of ASCAP. A short description of the songs may help you decide whether The Gunboat Diplomats are something you or other reviewers might like.

    1. Fine State Of Affairs – 2:58 – Island troubadour
    2. Standup Guy – 2:27 – Bluesy rock
    3. Obsessive Love – 3:47 – Dark ballad
    4. Brittany – 4:11 – Idiosyncratic indie
    5. She Said – 2:51 – Power pop
    6. Sweet Abiding Love – 3:15 – Beatles beat
    7. We’ll Walk Away – 2:58 – 80s rock
    8. Something On My Mind – 2:55 – Reggae relaxation
    9. She Made A Move On My Heart – 3:37 – Motown musings
    10. Crazy About You – 2:44 – Raucous rockabilly
    11. Dance With Me – 6:15 – Epic 60s love song
    12. A Lullaby – 1:13 – Gospel lullaby

    Thanks for listening!

    Keith Holmes

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