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Gypset Magazine | Gypset Magazine

About Gypset

Gypset Magazine



 – n. an unconventional, bohemian approach to life.
– adj. characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease.

Gypsetter-N, Gypsetting-N, Gypstream-N

It’s a bohemian, chic and carefree lifestyle; an eclectic mix of the arts, music and culture from the hippie days to the modern age, where people, nature and technology mix and cultural nomads are the norm.



Gypset, we are more than a magazine, we are an identity. Gypset takes a unique lens into the modern world, where the free spirit meets luxury style. Recognizing the unconventional, bohemian approach that embraces life as a journey, not a destination the best of both worlds combine into one Gypset identity.



As a bilingual, online platform with weekly email newsletters and fresh content updated daily, we explore with curiosity the endless forms of expression and share with our readers the creativity of emerging artists in television, film, music, style, consciousness, culture, gastronomy, travel, and all things social.

We offer content and stories based on the eight key categories that take precedence in the Gypset identity. With a community of unique Gypsetters, we feature exclusive stories and current content through interviews, photography, podcasts, videos, and the coverage of special events that drive the conversations that matters the most. We aim to open readers’ mind, broaden their perspectives and expose the lens of those who choose to live an authentic life in a sophisticated world. Living life on their own terms; traveling and exploring with a deep belief in truth, beauty, freedom and love.

Where the free spirit meets luxury style you will find yourself in the midst of Gypset.

For the Gypsy and Jet Setter in You!

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